22-year-old boy killed by knife in Delhi Cantt, was to be married after two days

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Delhi Cantt Massacre: Once again heart-wrenching news has come out from the national capital Delhi. On the evening of 24 June, two miscreants killed a man in Jhareda village near Delhi Cantt area to settle their old enmity. The deceased has been identified as Ashish. There is mourning in the house of celebration. Ashish was about to get married on July 3, but before that two miscreants stabbed him to death.

The video of the murder is now becoming increasingly viral. The deceased Ashish was called near the procession house by two miscreants, but he was murdered before reaching the procession house. According to the information, the accused had been after Ashish for a long time and wanted to take out the enmity.

The incident is raising questions on the security system
ABP News team reached the place where this incident took place. Looking at the video angle, it is known that this video was made from the residence on the right. On one side there are high walls which is Delhi Cantt area while on the other side the area seems to be in Jhareda village. There was heavy traffic at the incident site till late night, but how no one saw this incident that happened in the evening is a big question. Apparently this road will not be deserted even during the event in the evening. This incident of murder by adopting a knife in the light of day is raising many questions on the security system, the administration as well as the common people. After all, why the people of Delhi are not able to come forward to help or is the fear of miscreants so much that the common people move ahead by turning a blind eye to such incidents? A similar incident took place a few days ago in Delhi where a boy fled after stabbing a 16-year-old girl on the road, but the people around could not come forward to help.

The procession was to be taken out after two days
With the photo of the son in hand, these are those helpless parents who wanted to see their son become a bridegroom soon. The procession was to be taken out only after two days. The groom’s sherwani, the house decorated with flowers was waiting for happiness that, suddenly Ashish was stabbed to death by two miscreants on the road in broad daylight.

ABP News exclusive conversation with Ashish’s family in Delhi Cantt’s Jharera village :
Ashish’s mother Geeta says that Ashish was very happy about the marriage because the marriage of his choice was going to happen. “I had only one son. He was very happy about his marriage. Ashish had brought a new TV and was out to get it wifi when this incident happened. My whole world came crashing down. Father Anand said that people who They have killed, they should be hanged. Giving further information, it is said that around 6:30, three boys came to call Ashish and asked him to leave till further. I also followed because I was a little suspicious. happened. I was standing at a distance when this incident happened, I can recognize these boys. I saw everything. I reached near the son and seeing so much blood fell down there. A policeman woke him up by hitting him with a baton The PCR van of the police was standing there but the ambulance was waited for more than half an hour. Had the police taken them at that time, my son would have been saved. The whole village knows these boys, they used to rob people on the way. My The son did not go to meet him, he was standing there.No complaint with police now, police is doing its work well.

Sister Tamanna says that it is visible in the CCTV that two boys pulled my brother’s shirt and made him sit on a scooter and took him to the place where he was murdered. We have distributed all the things of brother’s wedding among the poor or have thrown them in Yamuna ji.

ABP News also got the exclusive video in which blood-soaked 22 year old Ashish was lying on the road for more than half an hour but none of the people seen around helped. People making videos. The policeman is watching by shaking with the stick, but no one was seen lifting Ashish.

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