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National Pollution Control Day today, know why it is celebrated and what is its history

Why National Pollution Control Day Celebrated: Not only Delhi-NCR or India, but the whole world is troubled by pollution. There are three forms of pollution, air pollution, sound pollution and water pollution, all these three are giving many diseases to our body. In a study done some time ago, it was revealed that due to polyush, the average age of the people living in India is decreasing by 5 years. In view of all such dangers, every year December 2 is celebrated as National Pollution Control Day. The purpose of celebrating this is to discuss the ways to get rid of pollution and to make people aware so that its danger can be reduced. Let us tell you in detail what is the history and importance of National Pollution Control Day.

this is its history

The history of National Pollution Control Day, celebrated every year on December 2, is related to the gas tragedy in Bhopal, India. In fact, on 2 December 1984, about 45 tonnes of methyl isocyanate leaked from an insecticide plant in Bhopal and spread around. Thousands of people died due to the spread of gas in the surrounding environment. Apart from this, thousands of people had to face many physical and mental problems due to this. This day is celebrated in the memory of this incident.

what is its theme

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As every special day has a theme, similarly this day also has a theme and that is to make people aware about pollution, tell them about its dangers as well as ways to prevent pollution. Motivating to adjust government schemes to reduce the effect of pollution, so that they too can contribute to eliminate this big problem and improve the environment.

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