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Mumbai: Accused of killing husband for lover, police said – woman kept giving slow poison in food

Mumbai Crime News: A sensational case of alleged extra-marital affairs has come to light from Mumbai’s Santacruz area. A woman living in the area has been accused of killing her husband by giving him slow poison due to an extramarital affair. The police have arrested the woman and her alleged lover. The alleged lover of the woman is said to be her childhood friend. It is alleged that the woman along with her lover conspired to kill her husband.

According to the police, for the purpose of removing her husband from the way, the woman kept adding slow poison to the food, the husband died due to the consumption of poison slowly through the food. Police said that the death of the mother of the deceased was also sudden in the same way. Both the accused have been sent to police custody till December 8. The accused woman has been identified as Kavita while the name of the deceased is being told as Kamakant.

Blood test report exposed

According to the police, Kavita had separated from her husband Kamalkant a few years ago but later came back to her husband in Santacruz citing the future of her child. Meanwhile, Kamalkant’s mother suddenly died of a stomach ailment. After some time, Kamalkant started having stomach ache and his health deteriorated. According to the police, in Kamalkant’s medical tests, doctors were also shocked to see large amounts of arsenic and thallium in his blood. Kamalkant died on 19 November during treatment at Bombay Hospital.

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Expressing surprise, the police said that it is unusual for such a poisonous substance to increase in the human body. On suspicion, the police registered an ADR and after registering a case of murder, the investigation was handed over to the Crime Branch. In the investigation of the crime branch, it was found that the deceased Kamalkant was given slow poison. After this, the police arrested Kamalkant’s wife Kavita and her alleged lover Hitesh Jain. The police is now also trying to find out how Kamalkant’s mother died.

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