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Measles cases are increasing continuously in Mumbai, today 33 children were brought to the hospital

Mumbai Measles Cases: The havoc of measles is continuously increasing in Mumbai. On Friday, 33 children infected with measles have been admitted to the hospital, after which the number of children suffering from measles has now increased to 371. Till now the total number of suspected patients has increased to 4433. In Mumbai, 108 children suffering from measles have been admitted to the hospital, out of which 16 children are kept on oxygen support, while 5 children are admitted in ICU and 3 children are on ventilator.

In metropolitan Mumbai, 15 children have lost their lives due to measles so far, 86 percent of these children were less than two years old. Among the dead, 5 children were less than a year old, while 8 children were between 1 and 2 years old and 2 children were between two and five years old. Among the children who died of measles, there were 9 boys and 6 girls.

BMC’s Dr. Prajwal Shetty told that “Adults who have not been vaccinated against measles can also fall prey to this disease. But children of 0-5 years of age are at higher risk because adults recover quickly after getting measles.” The problem is more in children.

So far 717 cases of measles have been reported in Maharashtra, out of which maximum 43% cases are from Mumbai. This year 11,390 suspected cases of measles have been found whereas in 2019 this number was only 1337. That is, an increase of about 700% has been recorded in suspected cases this year. Measles has spread in about 12 districts of the state including Mumbai.

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Former Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope said, “To deal with this, the government will have to speed up the vaccination program and spread awareness about measles. The government should form a task force involving the education department along with the health department.” Measles is an infectious disease that spreads easily.”

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