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MCD Election 2022: 5 big issues of MCD elections that people are talking about

MCD Polls 2022: Voting is going on in all 250 wards in Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. The voting process has started from 8:00 am. Voters are going out of their homes to cast their votes to form a small government in Delhi. Up to 18 percent voting has taken place till 12 noon. Due to the new delimitation, there was a change in the voting list this time. Because of this, people are not getting their names in the voting list at many places, due to which they are facing difficulties in casting their votes.

This time the election seems to be triangular. For the last 15 years, the BJP sitting in the power of MCD had once again given its full strength to return. So on the other hand, the Aam Aadmi Party had entered the fray this time to oust the BJP from the MCD as well. Under the leadership of Kejriwal, the party has claimed to win 220-230 seats this time. While Congress also kept trying to save its political land. Amidst all this, 5 issues resonated a lot in this election.

  1. In this election, there was a fierce exchange of words between the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party. Cleanliness was the biggest issue in this election between AAP in power in Delhi and BJP in MCD. An attempt was made by the Aam Aadmi Party to surround the BJP on Ghazipur’s garbage mountain and dilapidated roads. So on the other hand, on the cleanliness of Yamuna, BJP was constantly attacking the Kejriwal government.
  2. Pollution is a big issue in Delhi MCD elections. AAP tried to corner the BJP over the garbage mountain, while the BJP put Kejriwal in the dock over Delhi’s air pollution. There is no improvement in air pollution in the union territory. Deteriorating air quality during winters in Delhi has been a problem for a long time. Improving Delhi’s air quality is a big challenge to make the capital livable.
  3. This time illegal colonies of Delhi were also a big issue in MCD elections. The native residents of Delhi are facing a lot of problems due to illegal constructions. The condition of Old Delhi has become very bad. Here people have encroached on the footpath as well. Due to which people also have difficulty in walking. Both BJP and AAP have promised to regularize illegal colonies.
  4. Due to increase in population density in Delhi, the problem of drinking water is becoming serious. The ground water level is continuously going down. The ground water has become so polluted due to the chemical coming out of the factories that now it is not even suitable for drinking or cooking. Due to this, people have to depend on the water supply only. People are facing a lot of trouble due to not getting the supply water clean. People also tell that there is a lot of water shortage in Delhi during summer.
  5. Whatever be the election in Delhi, the problem of parking remains a big issue. Due to the increase in the number of vehicles in Delhi, the problem of jam is increasing. The number of registered vehicles in the national capital has reached close to 1.25 crore, while the parking capacity is barely for 1.25 lakh vehicles. According to Hindustan Times report, in Delhi in 2021, an average of 548 vehicles were registered every day.

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