Malaika Arora Fitness Mantra: This is how Malaika Arora stays fit without dieting, know how


Malaika Arora Fitness Mantra: Talking about fitness, Malaika Arora’s name is definitely taken in Bollywood. But everyone wants to know the answer to the question of how Malaika Arora remains so fit at the age of 48. By the way, fitness videos of Malaika Arora are very viral on social media and she also follows workouts to healthy diet to stay fit.

At the same time, everyone knows about intermittent fasting these days. This is the easiest way to lose weight. Apart from this, many people follow this method to lose weight these days. According to media reports, Malaika Arora also keeps herself fit through intermittent fasting.

According to media reports, Malaika Arora eats throughout the day but keeps fast after dinner. She takes her dinner till 7 pm and then keeps fast till 12 noon the next day. Malaika remains hungry for about 16 hours. Apart from this, Malaika spends her day drinking lukewarm water. Later she takes coconut water, nuts and fruits. In lunch, Malaika takes food containing carbohydrates and fats. At the same time, in dinner, the actress takes only home-cooked food, which consists mostly of vegetables, meat, eggs and pulses.

Let us tell you that intermittent fasting is the easiest way to lose weight, because one does not have to diet in it. But dinner has to be done early in this. Apart from this, intermittent fasting not only reduces weight, but also gives great relief to the stomach.

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