Your children also eat extra cheese in Pizza, Burger, so know what are its disadvantages?

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Fast food has become an important part of our modern lifestyle. Weekend or house party is incomplete without pizza, burger or any kind of fast food. There was a time when grandmothers used to feed the child lots of ghee and butter. But nowadays butter-ghee is completely missing from children’s food and its place has been taken by butter milk, cheese, white butter, pizza, burger. All these are very dangerous for the body. There are some parents who feed extra cheese or paneer to their child because the child likes to eat and they think that something healthy is going in the child’s stomach. But this thinking of yours is absolutely wrong. Cheese is an advanced type of paneer in which many types of nutrients are found. Cheese is rich in calcium which is good for teeth and bones.

The amount of calories, protein and fat in cheese is very high. Which can also increase your weight. Eating cheese is beneficial for those children who are thin or underweight. But eating too much cheese can prove to be dangerous for your child. There are some parents who feed cheese to their child every day. Let us know the disadvantages of eating cheese.

high bp problem

The amount of sodium ie salt is more in the things available in the market. That’s why eating more cheese causes the problem of high BP. Due to high BP, the child may have problems of heart attack, kidney disease and heart failure. This can also cause heartburn problem.

may gain weight

By eating more things, children may have to go through the problem of weight gain. Because calories are very high in cheese. Because of which the child can also become overweight. Due to the combination of cheese and bread, the whole health of the child can be spoiled.

may have diabetes

When children are obese, they may develop diabetes. Eating too much cheese can make the child a victim of diabetes and obesity. Along with this, you can also be a victim of thyroid and BP disease.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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