Yoga Tips: Do this yoga at the age of 50, health problems will remain away

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Yoga Tips: People are convinced of the fitness of all Bollywood actresses like Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Bhagya Shree. Even after crossing the age of 40, these actresses look very young. Not only actresses but Bollywood actors who have crossed the age of 50 also look fit. The secret of his fitness is nothing but yoga.

Along with a healthy diet, yoga plays an important role in keeping the body and mind fit. By doing yoga, the focus not only increases, but along with it the body also becomes energetic. However, maintaining fitness maintenance with aging is a difficult task. But today we will tell you about such yogasanas, which you can do even at the age of 50.


At the age of 50, you can do Shalabhasana. To do this asana, spread a mat and lie down on your stomach. Now take both the hands behind the thighs. With a long breath, raise your neck slowly along with both your legs along with the head. During this whole process, keep the stomach on the ground. Repeat this asana 5 to 7 times.


To do Trikonasana, stand straight on the mat. During this, keep both the feet away from each other. Now bring both the hands in line with the shoulders and try to touch the toes with the fingers. Stay in this state for two to three minutes and slowly come back to the same state.

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It is very easy to do wind free posture. To do this, lie down straight and while exhaling slowly, bend your legs and take them near the stomach. Keep exhaling after making light pressure on the stomach. Now you come back to your same position.

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