Worm entered the brain after bathing in the waterfall and seizures started, what is this disease

There are many such diseases in the world, hearing about which the mind becomes numb. One such incident has come out from Alappuzha district of Kerala. Here a boy died due to a worm that enters the brain and eats it. In fact, one day a 15-year-old boy went to bathe in a spring in Alappuzha city of Kerala. After taking bath from the waterfall, his health deteriorated. First he started having neck pain, then fever and then seizures. When the family took him to the doctor, it was found that he had primary amoebic meningoencephalitis infection. After this his treatment started but he could not be saved.

How does this worm enter the body?

The biggest question is that how does this worm reach inside a human being. Responding to this, Kerala Health Minister Veena George said that this worm is a type of amoeba which is found in stagnant contaminated water. He appealed to the people of the state to avoid bathing in dirty water, because this worm first enters your nose while bathing and then reaches your brain. The most surprising thing is that this worm is very small and when it enters your nose, you do not even know. This is the reason why the patient does not know initially why this is happening to him.

What is the name of this insect?

In common language, this worm is called brain-eating amoeba. However, in the language of science it is called Naegleria fowleri. According to America’s Center of Disease Control, this amoeba not only lives in contaminated water but it also lives in soil, warm and fresh water and even hot water springs. Talking about this insect, it was first found in the year 1965 in Australia.

How are the symptoms of this disease?

Talking about the symptoms of this disease, as soon as this worm enters your brain and infects you, things like headache, vomiting and fever start happening. The symptoms of this disease start appearing within one to 12 days after the worm enters the body.

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