Work of 30 seconds, infection and diseases will all work, include this habit in your routine

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health tips : The effect of our daily routine and food has a direct impact on our health. That is why health experts always recommend adopting healthy diet and right lifestyle. If our habits are good then the body’s immune system is good and this helps in avoiding many types of infectious diseases. For example, you can improve your health to a great extent only by keeping your hands clean. Even during the Corona epidemic, it was advised to wash hands repeatedly to avoid infection. This habit should always be adopted. Because washing hands can have many benefits.

prevention of infectious diseases

Washing hands properly and from time to time can reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Actually, many types of bacteria and viruses are present on any surface, when we touch them, they can reach the body through hands. This is the reason that cleanliness of hands can avoid infectious diseases like corona, flu.

Reduced risk of stomach and respiratory diseases

The habit of washing hands can reduce the risk of stomach and respiratory diseases by up to 30 percent. Antibiotics are often prescribed in case of infection. However, it has been told in many studies that the cases of antibiotic resistance are increasing due to the use of more antibiotics. In such a situation, by taking care of the hygiene of the hands, along with avoiding diseases, you can reduce the intake of antibiotics.

keep hands clean like this

The habit of washing hands is considered a part of Covid Appropriate Behavior. By including this habit in your daily routine, you can prevent the spread of many infectious diseases. Hands should be cleaned thoroughly with water and soap. Can use hand sanitizer. Health experts also advise people of all ages to adopt this habit.

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