Why does one die while working out or dancing in the gym, know the reasons and tips for prevention

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heart failure : In the recent past, many such cases have been seen when a person suddenly became unconscious while working out and dancing in the gym and died. Recently such a case came to light in Ghaziabad when a young man walking on the treadmill in the gym suddenly fell unconscious and lost his life. Earlier, many celebrities also died while exercising in the gym. Doctors attribute these sudden deaths to cardiac arrest. This is different from heart attack and is many times more dangerous. In 90 percent of cases of cardiac arrest outside the hospital, the patient dies. This problem is being seen in people even at a young age. It is also dangerous because in many cases it does not show any symptoms. Let us know what is cardiac arrest and how is it different from heart attack…

What is cardiac arrest?

According to experts, due to cardiac arrest the heart suddenly stops working. Due to this, blood is not supplied properly to the body parts and due to lack of oxygen reaching the brain, the person dies. This is the reason why people die while dancing or in the gym. According to experts, when cardiac arrest occurs, initially there is sudden severe pain in the chest. Light sweating occurs. This is a symptom of a heart attack and within a few minutes it leads to cardiac arrest. In case of cardiac arrest, it becomes very difficult to save the life of the patient. According to an estimate, in case of cardiac arrest outside the hospital, only 3 out of 100 patients have a chance of survival. In this, the patient can be recovered through CPR. However, most people do not know about CPR.

Cardiac arrest and corona virus

According to health experts, corona virus is also one of the reasons for increasing cases of cardiac arrest. Due to this virus, blood clots are formed in the body and due to the clot formed in the veins of the heart, the heart is not able to pump the blood properly. This causes heart attack due to blockage. Which causes cardiac arrest within half an hour to 15 minutes.

In this, no matter how fit you appear to be, keep your eating habits organized, despite this, the problem of cardiac arrest may occur. If cardiac arrest is not treated within a few minutes, death can occur.

Symptoms of some cases of cardiac arrest

becoming gas

sudden severe chest pain

feeling as if something is stuck in the throat

Sudden changes in body function or shortness of breath

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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