WHO included malaria vaccine in the list of vaccines

India’s malaria vaccine at WHO: Malaria is a disease that wreaks havoc in almost every developing country. Recently, scientists have created a new vaccine for malaria, which has been approved by the World Health Organization and included in the list of vaccines. This vaccine, which is considered a world changer, has been made in the Serum Institute of India and this vaccine has passed the WHO’s 75 targets with complete success. The name of this vaccine is R21/Matrix-M and it has been produced by Serum Institute and developed by Oxford University. Let us tell you that Ghana is the first country where the Food and Drugs Authority has approved this vaccine for use in children aged 5-36 months. If seen, most of the children of this age fall prey to diseases like malaria.

Serum Institute made the second malaria vaccine

R21/Matrix-M is the second malaria vaccine which has been included in the prequalified list by WHO. Let us tell you that the earlier vaccine was approved last year. After the arrival of this vaccine, the medical community has expressed hope that due to its low price and easy availability, this vaccine will be successful in protecting more and more children from malaria and bringing them under protection.

It took thirty years to make the vaccine

According to Dr. Kate O’Brien, Director of WHO’s Vaccination and Bio Department, ‘R21 vaccine has passed prequalification. This is a good and relieving news. Today, a lot of progress is being made in the field of health across the world. The organization is committed to saving children from this deadly disease in malaria-ravaged countries. Let us tell you that WHO has done a thorough inspection regarding the R21 vaccine. Along with study of data, examination of samples, every issue related to research and development has been thoroughly investigated. Only when its result has come completely positive, it has been included in the list of prequalified vaccines. The scientists of Oxford University, who developed this vaccine, have spent thirty years in making it.

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