Whenever you have a stroke, try FAST, this is how you can reduce the risk at every age.

Stroke or brain attack occurs when blood flow to any part of our brain suddenly stops. Due to this, our brain cells do not function properly and their ability to give orders to our body parts gets disturbed. If stroke is not detected at the right time and treatment is delayed, it can cause very serious problems, such as non-functioning of any part of the body or even death. Therefore, an easy way called ‘FAST’ has been suggested to recognize the symptoms of stroke so that help can be sought immediately. Let us know what is ‘FAST’?

The ‘FAST’ formula is a simple and effective way to quickly identify stroke symptoms. In this, ‘F’ shows facial inequality, ‘A’ shows weakness in arms, ‘S’ shows difficulty in speaking, and ‘T’ shows the importance of time. When these symptoms appear, it is important to contact a doctor immediately. Starting treatment in time can not only prevent serious consequences of stroke, but can also save the life of a person of any age.

F (face)
See the disparity on the face. Is one side of the face drooping? When you look at the face and find that one side is abnormally tilted downwards, it could be a sign of a stroke. It shows weakness in facial muscles, which often occurs during stroke. In such a situation, medical help should be sought immediately.

A (weapon)
When you try to lift both hands and feel that one hand feels weaker or heavier than the other, be alert. This abnormality in the arms is a common symptom of stroke, indicating muscle weakness or paralysis. In such a situation, contact the doctor immediately.

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