When is the need for kidney dialysis, how long can the patient survive through it?

The word dialysis is often used for kidney patients. In common parlance, you might have often heard it being said around you that a certain person has kidney failure due to which he is being given dialysis in the hospital. It is also said that if a kidney patient has a perfect time for dialysis, if there is any delay in it then his problems may increase. The question arises whether the kidneys recover after dialysis? If the doctor has asked a patient for dialysis, then how long can he survive?

Through this article we will know whether it can be cured through dialysis? Yes, there are chances that the kidney can be cured with treatment. However, if there is acute kidney failure, that is, if the kidney has stopped working due to some reason, then the kidney can be cured through dialysis. But if it is chronic kidney failure then kidney transplant has to be done. There is no other such option.

How many days can a patient survive through dialysis?

How long can a patient survive through dialysis? It completely depends on the patient. There are many patients in Delhi AIIMS who have been alive for 15 years and are undergoing kidney dialysis. Whereas in foreign countries the survival period of such patients is 20-25 years.

What is dialysis?

During dialysis, an attempt is made to clean the patient’s blood. Because a person’s blood cannot be purified after kidney failure, efforts are made to purify it through dialysis. During this entire process, the dirt and toxic substances accumulated in the blood are taken out. One thing to be taken special care of during dialysis is to maintain the electrolyte level in the patient’s body.

When is dialysis required?

A person needs dialysis when both his kidneys do not function properly. Or we can say that both the kidneys have completely failed. The risk of kidney failure increases especially for those who are diabetic or BP patients. They may suffer from kidney failure.

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