What is the latest fitness trend Acro Yoga? Know how it helps in keeping you healthy

Acro Yoga : The process of connecting body, mind and breath is beneficial for yoga health. This is the best mantra of fitness. Yoga is considered good for both physical and mental health. Among the myriad yoga postures, a new trend of fitness Acro Yoga is on the rise. Acro Yoga is a combination of Acrobatics, Thai Massage and Yoga. To do this yoga, it is necessary for two people to practice together. This yogasana includes stretch and gymnastics. Many practitioners also add a little massage to it. Body weight is managed with the help of Acro Yoga. Improves the strength of both the people doing it.

what is acro yoga

Acro yoga is a type of physical exercise that combines yoga and acrobatics together. In this, glimpses of cheerleading, dance acro and circus art are seen. However, if you want, you can also do it alone. But mostly it is practiced in two people or groups.

What are the benefits of Acro Yoga

concentration increases

Acro yoga requires complete concentration and attention. Practicing this pose for two to three minutes every day increases concentration and makes the mind work faster. It is considered beneficial for the brain.

increases flexibility

Yoga and acrobatics cause a lot of stretching in the body. This increases body flexibility. All the joints and muscles of the body participate in this. That’s why it is considered better for everyone.

better for mental health

Any kind of exercise releases dopamine hormone, which is considered good for mental health. Daily practice of Acro Yoga works to keep the mind calm along with making the body flexible.

physical strength

Acro yoga is a dynamic workout, which gives strength to the muscles of the body. By doing this the body becomes strong and its efficiency improves. Due to this, one does not get tired quickly while doing any work.

What are the things to keep in mind while doing acro yoga

1. Two people are involved in acro yoga, so it requires a lot of flexibility.

2. Practice this yoga with such a person, on whom you can trust completely.

3. Start Acro Yoga under the supervision of a professional instructor.

4. Give your body an opportunity to slowly open up in Acro Yoga. Don’t force it all of a sudden.

5. Starting from basic poses, go slowly to advanced poses.

6. Keep in mind the stretch of the neck and stay in this posture for at least 3 minutes.

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