What is the difference between MRI pacemaker and non-MRI pacemaker, know when it is needed?

Doctor is said to be another form of God but today we are going to tell the story of the brutality of a doctor, after knowing about which you will get goosebumps. In fact, the doctor of ‘Saifai Medical University’ located in Etawah, UP, in the name of fitting a pacemaker to a patient, fitted substandard pacemakers to 250 people. Dozens of people have died due to faulty power supply. At present, Dr. Sameer Saraf, who fitted the faulty Peshmaker, has been arrested and sent to jail. And the family members of the victim demand that strictest action should be taken against this cruel doctor. As soon as this incident came to light, there was a fear among the people that when only doctors do this for money, then where will the common man go? Keeping this in mind, today we will tell you what is a pacemaker? Also tell us how it works?

What is a pacemaker?

In the language of medical science, a pacemaker is a small machine. Which is applied in heart patients so that the heart beats properly. After the pacemaker is installed in the chest, it sends electric plus i.e. current to the heart. So that the heart can function properly.

MRI and non-MRI pacemakers

The committee investigating this matter found that the doctor took money from the patients for MRI pacemakers but fitted non-MRI pacemakers to the patients. After which he started having problems. Investigation revealed that poor quality pacemakers were fitted to the patients. Now the question might be arising in your mind that what is MRI pacemaker and non-MRI pacemaker?

Patients who are fitted with MRI pacemakers can comfortably undergo X-ray, CT scan, ultrasound as well as MRI. But patients cannot get MRI done if non-MRI pacemaker is installed. Because there is a fear of the pacemaker circuit breaking. But now MRI pacemakers have also come in which the circuits are strong and there is no fear of breaking. Mmagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contains magnets in which there is a fear of breaking the circuit of the pacemaker.

When and where is the pacemaker installed?

Depending on the condition of the patient, a pacemaker is installed. Pacemaker is placed under the left or right collar bone of the heart to control the heartbeat during surgery. Does it also work to connect nerves? It corrects the heartbeat of patients whose heartbeat does not work properly.

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