What changes happen in the body when women get breastfeeding done?

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World Breastfeeding Week: ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ is a program that is celebrated every year for the entire 7 days of the first week of August. This week-long program is very important for both mother and child. The main objective of this program is to spread awareness to the whole world about how important breastfeeding is for a child and a mother. In this program, it is told that how important breastfeeding is for the all-round growth of an infant.

According to the ‘World Health Organisation’, every year 27 lakh children become victims of malnutrition. This number is much more terrible than the total number of deaths of children. Mother’s milk is very important for an infant as it helps in its healthy growth. Often, from doctors to health experts, it is said that only mother’s milk should be given to a child for 6 months.

Theme of ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ 2023

Every year the Global Breastfeeding Campaign is based on a special theme. This year’s theme is Let’s breastfeed and work…work.

World Health Organization has also shared new guidelines for new moms: –

Get your babies breastfed within an hour of birth

Only mother’s milk has to be given to the child for 6 months. Don’t even give water.

Homemade cereals can be fed to the baby from 6 months onwards. And if you are able to breastfeed for 2 years or more, then definitely do it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Breastfeeding

Children who drink their mother’s milk for a long time, their immunity is very strong. And they are able to fight against all kinds of diseases easily.

Women who breastfeed have less chances of having periods. In such a situation, they also get a break from periods. It is said that ovulation does not happen.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

It is very important to get breastfeeding done for 6 months after the birth of the child.

Some women may not feel well even after pumping breast milk.

Some women feel a lot of pain while breastfeeding in the initial week of delivery.

Some women are prone to infection in the breast.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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