Try these home remedies to keep your little one away from diseases during the winter season.

Winter Baby Care: As soon as winter arrives, people start taking special care of elders and children. Especially small children (baby care in winter) feel cold very quickly. Actually, the immune system of small children is weak and that is why they get diseases like cold and cough easily. Especially due to their sensitive skin, their skin becomes lifeless in cold and dry air and along with it, diseases like pneumonia also catch them quickly. In such a situation, every mother should adopt special tips to take care of her small child as soon as the winter season arrives so that her child can remain healthy even in winter.

Take care of your small child like this in winter

  • Children should be properly dressed in warm clothes in winter. However, this does not mean that clothes should be loaded. Such clothes which can warm his body well and the child can also move his hands and legs properly in those clothes. During this period, the temperature of the child’s room should not be too cold.
  • To boost blood circulation in the child’s body, he should be massaged daily. This will speed up his blood circulation and also bring warmth to his body. The child should be massaged daily by warming any good oil slightly. You can massage the child with almond, olive, mustard oil.
  • One should avoid bathing a small child daily in winter. If you want to clean it, you can clean the child’s hands and feet by using a sponge in lukewarm water. If you are bathing then keep in mind that it should not be exposed to air immediately after bathing.
  • Children must be vaccinated on time in winter. He is on some medicine or keep giving him tonic on time. Apart from this, if the child is drinking mother’s milk then keep feeding him.
  • In winter, when a child urinates, he and his bed can get wet and even if the child stays there for a short time, the child can come in contact with cold. Therefore, try to keep the child wearing a diaper so that the child does not fall ill after getting wet.

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