This mistake of drinking water after waking up in the morning can make you a victim of bad digestion, improve it from today itself.

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Mistake to avoid indigestion:Due to some bad lifestyle and food habits, we have to go through the problem of constipation. Surely this is a very bad experience. It makes one feel restless all the time. On the other hand, according to experts and Ayurveda, if you wake up in the morning and drink water, then you can get relief from the problem of constipation. Although some people drink water in the wrong way. Because of this also the problem of constipation increases. According to Ayurveda, if you are following the wrong rule of drinking water after waking up in the morning, then this can also affect your digestive health. Let’s know those mistakes.

Do not do this mistake for better digestion

1.According to Dr. Deeksha, if you wake up in the morning and drink 1 liter or more cold water or room temperature water, then you will not get benefit from it, but the loss will be more. According to Ayurveda, if you drink cold or room temperature water in the morning, it can reduce the digestive fire. When you drink cold water, the intestines also shrink, which is a major reason for constipation. Apart from this, it also has a bad effect on your brain stem cells.

2.Most people make the mistake of drinking water while standing. Drinking water while standing can harm your digestion. This is because drinking water while standing causes the water to go down faster and reach the lower part of the stomach which can harm the digestive system.

How to drink water?

According to the doctor, if you want to drink water only after waking up in the morning, then you should sip a glass of lukewarm water and drink it comfortably. This can prove to be good for your health. Metabolism is boosted by drinking lukewarm water. It helps in burning calories. It softens the stool and eases the process of bowel movement. On the other hand, drinking lukewarm water sip by sip does not affect your liver and kidney. You should drink water according to your capacity. It is right to drink maximum two glasses of water. Drinking more water than this can also cause bloating. One should always drink water while sitting. Apart from this, drink water only when you feel thirsty. Trying to drink water forcibly also harms your digestion.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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