This disease is increasing rapidly in girls aged 12 to 21, 40 percent of girls in America are victims

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Iron deficiency in women: A study related to women has revealed some worrying facts related to women. According to this study, the problem of iron deficiency is increasing rapidly in girls and women aged 12 to 21 years. In a country like America alone, 40 percent women are victims of anemia. According to a report published in the American Medical Association Journal, these results have come to the fore after studying about 35 hundred girls and women aged 12 to 21 years. According to which, compared to white girls or women, the risk of iron deficiency or anemia was four times higher in black girls or women.

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The risk of iron deficiency anemia is very high not only in America but also in Indian women. According to a report of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS)-(III), more than half i.e. about 55 percent of women in India may be at risk of anemia. According to a study, the problem of anemia is more in women living in eastern, central and north eastern states. The reason for this is poor economic conditions, lack of nutritious food, pressure on women to produce more children in rural environment and negligence towards health are increasing this danger in women.

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According to experts, the biggest reason for increasing anemia is iron deficiency. This deficiency further increases due to blood loss especially during periods and not taking nutritious food accordingly. It is necessary to take adequate diet to maintain the amount of iron. According to research, the risk of anemia is more in women who take only vegetarianism. Along with this, experts have also said that it is necessary to keep getting blood test and iron test done every year. So that iron deficiency can be detected in time.

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