These 6 organs start giving signals before diabetes, blood sugar starts increasing if ignored

Early symptoms of diabetes: Diabetes has become such a disease in today’s time, due to which billions of people are suffering. If only the figures of India are seen, then more than 10 crore people are diabetic, that is, they are troubled by the increased blood sugar level. It is such a disease which is so fatal that it gives rise to hundreds of diseases and can also spoil the body parts. In such a situation, let us tell you its early science i.e. what are the initial signs.

darkening of the skin

In the early science of diabetes, due to insulin resistance, many parts of the body turn black. Especially places like neck, under eyes and under arms start turning dark brown or black.

affect eyesight

When the amount of blood sugar level in your body is high, then its effect starts falling on the eyes and you start seeing blurred. Initially, there is difficulty in threading the needle or if glasses are already worn, then the number of glasses can also increase.

tingling in hands and feet

Numbness of the hands and feet is also a sign in the early sign of diabetes, because in this disease the nerves of the body become weak and when the blood does not reach the body parts through the veins, tingling starts in it or the body parts. Starts getting numb.

kidney problem

Diabetes is also a major reason for kidney related diseases. Actually, due to high sugar, the kidney function deteriorates and this can cause problems like frequent urination, swelling in the ankles and increased blood pressure.

bleeding gums

Early signs of diabetes can also cause problems like bleeding gums, bad breath, loose teeth and poor oral health.

slow wound healing

When the amount of sugar in your body is high, it takes a long time to heal any injury. In such a situation, we should not ignore this sign, because it can also cause injury or wound.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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