There are many diseases hidden inside packaged food, if you do not take care of it now, you will be in trouble.

Side effects of canned foods: Nowadays there is abundance of packaged foods in the market. From chips to milk, spices and everything else is coming in plastic, aluminum or paper packaging. This has made it easier to buy and use them, but many of its side effects (Packaged Foods Side Effects) are also being seen. Because of this, health is being adversely affected. In such a situation, let us know what are the disadvantages of packaged foods…

Why is the use of packaged foods increasing?

The use of packaged items has increased very rapidly. The reason for this is packing, because of this it has become very easy to carry that thing anywhere. It can be stored for several days. Apart from this, everything needed is available in packets of every size. Meaning, you will get that thing for whatever amount of money you have. This is the reason why not only adults but also children are using packaged chips, juices, cookies, namkeen and noodles. It is having a bad effect on their health.

Disadvantages of packaged foods

If any kind of food items are packaged, three things are added to make them safe and last longer. Preservatives, artificial colors and extra fat. Apart from these, a lot of salt is also found in packaged food, which can be seriously harmful to health.

Side Effects of Packaged Foods

In a study published some time ago, it was reported that a compound called emulsifier is found in packaged foods. Which is dangerous for heart health. This can cause cardiovascular diseases. This compound can increase the blood pressure level. When too much emulsifier reaches the body, it gradually causes the body to lose strength and may lead to weakness and fatigue.

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