The symptoms of these diseases also look like depression, are they ignoring them?

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mental health : Nowadays mental problems are fast taking people of all ages in their grip. People are falling prey to stress-anxiety even at an early age. If these problems are not taken care of in time, then the risk of depression increases. According to researchers, not only mental but also many physical side effects of depression are seen, which are quite risky. Very few people know that there are some such conditions in our body, which seem like depression but they are not depression. If they are not resolved in time, then the trouble can increase.

What are the symptoms of depression

Sadness prevails when there is depression. There is no interest in any work. They don’t even like the work, which gives the most pleasure in doing. Apart from this, lack of appetite, excessive tiredness, lack of energy, difficulty in sleeping, problem in thinking, inability to concentrate, difficulty in concentrating are also symptoms of depression.

Dangerous diseases with symptoms like depression

1. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) condition

Fatigue means fatigue in Hindi. This is a common symptom of depression, but one thing should be noted that being tired every time is not depression. It can also be the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). In this too, there is a feeling of boredom in doing the work of choice. There are also problems with memory, concentration and sleep in this disease.

2. Diabetes

It is not yet fully understood, but depression and diabetes can have the same symptoms. The risk of depression may be higher in patients with diabetes. Many of its symptoms can also confuse. Weakness, fatigue and weight loss are common in both the diseases. However, diabetics have problems like excessive thirst, blurred vision, numbness in hands or feet, slow wound healing, frequent urination, which do not occur in depression.

3. Hypothyroidism

Irritability, sadness and fatigue are seen in people suffering from depression. Hypothyroidism can also have the same problems. Metabolism can slow down when the thyroid gland starts reducing the production of hormones. Because of this, sadness, anxiety and weakness start appearing in the patients. Dryness of the skin, problems like irregular menstruation or fertility and slow heart beat should be checked for thyroid.

4. Sleep problem

When your mind is sad, you do not feel like working or you are in depression, then the problem of sleep also starts. But every time the problem of sleep is not depression. This problem is also common due to diabetes, digestion, heart disease and many other disorders. If you are troubled by insomnia for a long time, then you should consult a doctor.

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