The body remains hot without fever, so be careful! Are your habits getting worse?

Physical imbalance: YesDuring summer season one often feels warmth in the body. This makes the body feel warm. To overcome this heat, people adopt various measures. However, there are some people whose body is always hot. The problem of body heat increases during periods in women. Apart from this, the body also remains hot due to health condition, poor eating habits and other reasons. In such a situation, body heat can be removed with some measures. Let us know the reason and solution for keeping the body warm…

Why does the body remain warm?

According to health experts, the body can remain hot due to some kind of tension or stress or due to taking medicines. People suffering from hyperthyroidism also often complain of body heat. For this, one should drink plenty of water and stay in open air in the morning and evening. Not only this, this problem can also be avoided by increasing the amount of vitamins and minerals in food.

reason for body heat

1. Lack of water in the body

Increase in body heat in summer is considered a common thing. If the body is feeling hot all the time, it may also be due to lack of water. This can also happen due to lack of ventilation and sunlight. In such a situation, problems like hyperthyroidism may increase in the body.

2. Hyperthyroidism

When the thyroid gland becomes overactive in the body, it is considered hyperthyroidism. Due to this, the victim feels heat in the body all the time. In fact, when there is a problem of hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland starts producing thyroid hormones in large quantities. After getting affected by it, one sweats a lot, feels thirsty again and again, remains tired all the time, women may face problems like irregular period cycle and weight loss.

3. Too much tension

The body can also remain hot due to excessive tension. People who are under tension all the time may complain of body heat. Due to tension, it has a bad effect on the heart beat and the body becomes hot.

4. Wrong eating habits

Eating too spicy and outside food, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, excessive use of caffeine also increases the heart rate and causes frequent sweating. Due to this, warmth is felt in the body.

Keep your body cool like this

1. Include fruits like watermelon, melon, tomato and cucumber in your diet. Their effect is cooling, which reduces body heat.

2. To avoid body heat caused by lack of water, use lassi, lemonade and coconut water as much as possible in your diet. With its help the body gets plenty of minerals.

3. Exercise regularly every day. Also include some mouth breathing exercises in your routine. This also strengthens your lungs.

4. Sit in a ventilated area to prevent the body from overheating. By providing proper ventilation the body can be kept away from breathing problems.

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