Sunny Deol is creating rebellion at the age of 66, know the secret of his fitness

Sunny Deol’s fitness secret: ‘Bollywood actor Sunny Deol, who is in the headlines for ‘Gadar 2’, has created a mutiny even at the age of 66. Seeing his amazing energy from the shooting of the film to the promotion, everyone is asking the same question, after all, what does Sunny Paji eat, what is the secret of his fitness, which keeps him so fit even at this age. Regarding his diet, Sunny Deol himself tells that he has no interest in keto diet or being hungry. They eat plenty of food and remain happy. Sunny Paaji says that ‘the body is magical’. He digests whatever we eat. So let’s know how Sunny Deol keeps himself fit at this age…

Sunny Deol does not even touch alcohol, cigarette

The biggest secret behind Sunny Deol’s fitness and staying healthy is that he never touches alcohol or cigarettes. Sunny Deol’s same energy is being seen in ‘Gadar 2’, which is being seen in ‘Gadar’, which is being released after 22 years. However, he follows a healthy routine to keep himself fit. That’s why they look so agile. He is very active not only on screen but also in real life. It also includes regular workout and healthy balance diet.

Sunny Deol stays away from non-veg

Sunny Deol does not like to eat fish and meat. According to reports, they avoid non-veg only. Also keep distance from junk food. Sunny Deol likes yogurt and apples a lot. They like to eat fruits very much. Butter and lassi are definitely included in their food. He likes fenugreek parathas a lot. They avoid strict dieting a lot.

Part of exercise and pranayama routine

Sunny Deol does a one-two hour workout every day to keep himself fit. Even from the busy schedule, they take out time for exercise. In an interview, he himself told that workout is like an addiction for him. If they miss it someday, they don’t feel energized. They leave the bed at 6 in the morning. Warm up, cardio and weight training. Sunny plays sports in the afternoon. Do Pranayama daily for about 1 hour. Yogasana, swimming and walking are part of his daily routine.

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