Social media addiction is more dangerous for children than adults, know why

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">According to a new research by ‘Deloitte’, 71 percent of employees spend so much time on social media. Due to which the quality of their work deteriorates. A research by the same company has found that 30 percent of adults remain continuously connected to the Internet, while only 10 percent of children remain connected to the Internet. Due to which their mind is affected.

Social media use is increasing among people of all ages

According to psychologists, the use of internet and social media is not limited to any one age. Rather, it has captured people of all ages. According to ‘National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences’ (NIMHANS), people of all ages cannot avoid being on the net all the time. Also affects the quality of personal life. “My husband and I attend couples counseling for a very specific issue – I can’t tolerate him being on his phone all day,” says Parul Kothari, 39, from Mumbai. Both of them work in sales in different multinational companies.

I know he is facing similar problems at work because his colleagues have told me about it. What is it that he spends his time on? “Instagram Reels. “He just keeps scrolling through them without thinking,” says Parul. However, she considers the fact that her husband openly admits to addiction as a blessing, as she knows friends whose partners are in complete denial. Experts strongly recommend striking a balance when it comes to social media use. Some recommendations include placing time limits on use, turning off the phone during the night, installing apps to monitor frequency of use, and seeking professional counseling.

If your family members or people at work are telling you about this, then perhaps it is something worth paying attention to. Dr. Kedar Tilve, psychiatrist at Fortis Hospital, says, "Excessive use of the Internet has a negative impact on self-image, productivity as well as the health of your eyes. Although there is increasing awareness about the harms of digital addiction in children, there is still a need for more research, information and awareness about the fact that adults are by no means immune from it.

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