Sleep comes even after drinking 5 cups of coffee! Now know what to do!

Sleep :Have you ever noticed why you still feel sleepy after drinking 5 cups of coffee? You are not able to wake up after drinking 10 cups of black tea in a day. So let us tell you that there can be many reasons why caffeine is not showing any effect on you. Most people take the help of coffee or tea to avoid sleep.

Caffeine is found in both of these, which gives instant energy to humans. If you are also thinking of boosting energy after breakfast and lunch, then this recipe is for you. Let us first know why caffeine is not effective for you.

can’t sleep

The first and probably the most obvious reason could be that you are already having trouble sleeping. Actually, it has been revealed in many studies that people who sleep only for 3 to 5 hours in a day do not even have the effect of caffeine. This is because when we wake up, our body produces a chemical called adenosine, which makes us feel tired and tells our brain to rest. Caffeine can temporarily block this message, but we only get a false sense of alertness.

genetic problems

There may be such genes in your body, due to which the effect of caffeine is less. Research has shown that variations in your adenosine receptors may prevent you from feeling energized by caffeine. The reason for this can also be liver enzymes.

What to do to stay alert?

The very simple and direct answer to this is that before starting work, you should exercise for 20 minutes. Eat the right diet, so that you feel energetic throughout the day. Citrus fruits, bananas and pumpkin are excellent picks. Apart from this, you can also take aromatherapy.

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