Sitting in front of a room heater or blower for hours can be dangerous, it can cause damage to these body parts.

Blowers and room heaters are used more in winter. In such a situation many people may even get burnt. North India is facing the brunt of cold. There are many people who continuously sit in front of the room heater blower. Many people keep the blower on while sleeping. But for your information, let us tell you that it can be harmful for health. In fact, sitting continuously with the room heater on causes many harms to health. The oxygen level of the room starts decreasing. Which can be very dangerous for the body parts.

These body parts get harmed

causes damage to the skin

If a person sits in front of a room heater blower for a long time, his skin has to suffer a lot of damage. Due to this, big blisters start appearing on the face and rashes all over the body. This is a type of heat allergy. Which causes a lot of harm. It can dry your scalp. Apart from this, the problem of hair fall may also start due to this.

Nasal passages may dry out

Excessive use of blowers and room heaters causes the nasal passages to dry up. Due to which bleeding starts from the nose. Due to which pain starts in the upper part of the nose. This can trouble you from within. Therefore, use blowers and room heaters wisely.

Internal bleeding may occur in the brain

Excessive use of blowers and heaters causes serious damage to the brain. The risk of death increases due to excessive use of heaters. Besides, the level of carbon monoxide in the room increases due to which there is lack of blood in the brain. Due to this, internal bleeding can also occur in the brain. And this can also be the cause of death. Therefore, use blower and room heater wisely. Even if you are using it in winter, do not use it for a long time.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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