Sevai Recipes: You can also try these recipes of Sevai on the occasion of Eid

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You can also enjoy the occasion of Eid with Sevai Recipes Image credit source: Freepik

Sevai Recipes: This year the festival of Bakrid will be celebrated in the last month of June. This festival holds great importance for the Muslim community. On this occasion, people keep a feast in their homes. Many friends and relatives are called in the celebration of this festival. The house is decorated. Different types of delicious dishes are made. In addition to non-veg dishes Eid Many types of delicious dishes are also prepared on the occasion.

In such a situation, some varieties of vermicelli have been told here. You can also try them on the occasion of Eid. These delicious desserts will add glory to your party. Come let’s know which delicious vermicelli desserts you can try.

Mango Vermicelli

Mangoes are eaten with great pleasure in the summer season. People enjoy different types of dishes made from mangoes. In such a situation, you can also make Mango Sevai. Your guests will like it very much. You will love its taste. Kids are also going to like this dessert very much.

Coconut Vermicelli

Coconut vermicelli is also a good option. Coconut filings are used to make this vermicelli. You will really get lost in its aroma and taste. You must also try coconut vermicelli once.

Kimami Vermicelli

Kimami Sevaiyan is popularly relished on occasions like Eid. Kimami vermicelli is made using milk, vermicelli, dry fruits, ghee, water and khoya etc. On the occasion of Eid, people who are fond of sweet food must try vermicelli.

dry vermicelli

You can also make dry vermicelli on occasions like Eid. Dry vermicelli is made very easily. Not much milk is used to make it. It is made from ghee, a cup of milk and dry fruits.

sweet vermicelli

To make sweet vermicelli, khoya, cardamom powder, condensed milk, milk, vermicelli and dry fruits are used. Sweet vermicelli is soft and tasty.

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