Protect yourself from toxic office environment, otherwise you may die soon – study

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Toxic working conditions: The work environment in the office has a direct impact on mental health. A shocking study has come out regarding this. In which people working in toxic environment have been cautioned. This study states that working in a toxic environment can cause mental disorders. According to this study by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute, people working in toxic environments may die early.

Study carefully

This report has been published in Epidemiology and Community Report. It has been told that there can be many reasons for the impact of office work on mental health. Mental pressure, low salary and lack of job guarantee can be the main reasons for this. It has been said in the study that not having a job can also cause mental stress, which can lead to early death. The main reason behind this is not being able to decide how long the job will last.

Side effects of working in toxic environment

1. Bad office environment can worsen the mental condition.

2. Bad environment in the office can cause problems like depression, stress and mental disorders among employees.

3. The toxic environment of the office can make an employee irritable.

4. Working in a toxic environment also reduces productivity.

Tips to stay away from toxic environment

1. If you want to avoid the toxic environment of the office, then stay away from people who spread negativity as much as possible.

2. Stay away from toxic people in the office and increase rapport with good people.

3. After coming home, do not talk about office work at all or think about it.

4. Do not work sitting at one place continuously. Take breaks every now and then.

5. Taking a walk occasionally diverts the mind and reduces work pressure.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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