Popular names starting with C Chaitanya, Chirag, Chahal

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Hindu Baby Boy names with C: Popular names starting with C: Chaitanya, Chirag, ChahalImage credit source: Freepik

Nowadays naming a baby is not an easy task. There was a time when elders of the family like grandparents or other people used to name the child. But now things have changed. Now parents start searching for the name of their child before coming into the world. It has also been seen that parents or family members consider naming ceremony as a part of the preparations for the new guest.

Today’s era is modern, but parents also keep the name in mind keeping in mind the culture and civilization. Actually, the name gives us a different identity in the eyes of others, but it has become necessary to take care of things even while keeping it. While keeping the name in Hinduism, now Sanskrit language is being used in the name. Apart from this, the meaning of the name should be positive, it is also kept in the notice.

Are you looking for the name of your future child derived from C i.e. Ch or are you looking for this name. Learn popular and unique names of Hindu boys starting with C or Ch….

Chaitanya: Consciousness, knowledge, sage, soul, intelligence

Chidarth: Spiritual awareness, consciousness, knowledge

Chirag: It is a symbol of brightness, light and brightness.

Chahal: A name denoting happiness, joy or gaiety.

Chitesh: Lord of the soul

Chiranjiv: Immortal, who never dies

Chitranjan: The one who lives immortal

Chetan: Strength, Life or Consciousness of the mind, Intelligence, Life, Power

Chaitya: place of meditation, prayer

Chainmoy: Delightful

Chandan (Chandan): This name is considered a symbol of purity, peace and tranquility

Selection (Chayan): Moon, Collection

Chitral: a person who has a keen eye for aesthetics, artistic expression or visual appeal

Chitrang: Beauty, Grace, Charm, Charm

Chitransh: Name reflecting the beauty of life, Artist

Chirush: God

Chinmay : One who has a lot of knowledge or full of knowledge

Chitraratha: Chariot of knowledge

Charvik: Intelligent

Chiraksh: Beautiful eyes

Chitwan: Natural Beauty, Wildlife and Ecological Importance

Chinmya: Considered very wise, Lord Ganesha

Chatresh: Lord Shiva or a deity

Chirant: Immortal or Eternal

Chitraksh: Beautiful or beautiful eyes

Chandresh: Lord of the Moon, Prince of the Moon

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