Pollution is very dangerous for pregnant women, it is causing harm to the unborn child.

Side effects of air pollution: Breathing polluted air can be very dangerous for pregnant women. The level of pollution in our country is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, it has become a problem for the people living in cities like Delhi NCR and Mumbai. Due to increasing pollution, the air is filled with harmful gases and particles, which directly enter our body when we breathe. These particles are not only harmful for common people but are also extremely dangerous for pregnant women and the children in their wombs. Breathing polluted air can cause many problems to pregnant mothers and babies. Let us know what research says about this..

Recent studies have shown that increasing pollution in the environment is affecting unborn babies. It has been seen in many researches that during pregnancy, the pollution present in the mother’s body reaches the fetus. Recently, for the first time, scientists have found air pollution particles in the body of a three-month-old fetus. Nano particles have been found in the liver, lungs and brain of the fetus. This is evidence that pollution crosses the placenta and reaches the fetus through the mother’s breath. Breathing of polluted air by pregnant women affects the development of the baby’s brain and lungs. Due to this, problems like underweight, lack of learning and intellectual disability can be seen in the child.

It is causing damage to the brain and lungs.
According to research, breathing polluted air affects the development of the brain and lungs of the child in the womb. Inhaling these toxic particles and gases along with polluted air by pregnant women is causing serious damage to the brain and lungs of the fetus.

baby weighs less
Research has shown that breathing polluted air reduces the weight of the child in the womb. Dust and toxic particles enter the mother’s bloodstream and prevent nutrients from reaching the baby, affecting the baby’s development. Many health problems are seen in children born with low weight.

lack of learning
According to research, breathing polluted air reduces the ability of children to learn and understand. They are not able to learn anything easily and remain intellectually backward. This is why living in a pollution-free environment becomes very important during pregnancy.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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