Pollution is hidden not only outside but also inside the house, it can make you sick, know how to eliminate it.

indoor pollution : The level of pollution has increased in Delhi these days, which is said to be dangerous for health. It is being advised to take various precautions before leaving the house. However, what is even more dangerous is the hidden pollution inside the house, which needs to be eliminated the most. It has been proved in many studies that indoor pollution is no less than a threat to health. Since there is a festive atmosphere going on in the country these days. Vijayadashami has passed and now festivals like Karva-Chauth, Diwali, Chhath are about to come. In such a situation, cleaning of the house has also started. In such a situation, the pollution inside the house can be removed by cleaning properly. Let us know how…

remove indoor pollution

A lot of dust and soil accumulates inside the house. Even with the use of chemical cleaners, it cannot be completely cleaned and does not become healthy. Chemicals used in cleaning can disrupt the central nervous system and may also be carcinogens. Since we live at home, we breathe and eat food there. In such circumstances, they can be more dangerous. Sometimes this can also cause lung diseases and asthma. The gases coming out from electronic items like fridge, AC, TV, laptop, tube light, mixer, oven are also dangerous for health. Therefore, to keep the air inside the house pure, some things should be kept in mind.

5 ways to make your home pollution free

1. Do not keep windows and doors closed

On one sunny day in a week, turn off the AC and open all the doors and windows. After this, clean the dust accumulated on them and wipe the area with a slightly wet cloth. Change the cooler water. Be sure to cover your mouth and nose while cleaning.

2. Wash the bedsheet with hot water

Beds, sheets and furniture covers of the house should be washed thoroughly with hot water once a week. Even toys that can be washed should be cleaned and dried thoroughly. This will help in reducing pollution there.

3. Cleaning furniture and corners

Clean the dust accumulated on furniture, curtains and carpets thoroughly once a week. For this take the help of vacuum cleaner. Apart from this, the air inside the house can also be cleaned with the help of air purifier.

4. Increase ventilation in the house

Focus should be on increasing ventilation inside the house. When the window is opened, outside air, dust and smoke from vehicles can come inside. In such a situation, use trickle ventilation, which filters the air and allows only clean air to come in.

5. Use of air filter

To get clean air inside the house and stay away from pollution, use only high potential particulate air filters. This will eliminate pollution from the house and the AC will be able to provide better air.

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