Poha or Rice! Which of the two is healthier? know the answer here

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Now the trend of eating more poha than paratha has increased in breakfast. The reason is also that poha is light to eat and gets ready quickly. Some people consider it a healthier option than rice. Although, there is not much difference between poha and rice but the nutrients of both are different.

According to health experts, the calorie count of rice in poha is less and fiber is more. Let us know how Poha is healthier than rice.

Why is Poha more healthy?

Poha is not polished and has high fiber content. Fiber helps in regulating blood sugar as well as improving the digestive system. Apart from this, poha is also rich in iron, eating which benefits people with anemia. Processing rice to make poha increases the amount of iron in it. It is advised to add lemon juice to poha to increase the absorption of iron.

Poha is known to be light on the stomach, making you feel full without putting on weight. In addition, the fermentation process makes poha probiotic. It is considered very beneficial for gut health.

not many calories

Poha is generally found to have fewer calories than cooked rice. It is made with less cooking process. Poha is better for people managing calories. Due to less processing, more fiber is found in poha. Fiber does not lead to digestive health and at the same time blood sugar remains controlled. Apart from this, it is also very beneficial in reducing weight. Poha is considered a good source of iron. Iron is essential for the production of red blood cells and prevention of iron deficiency anemia.

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