Photo facials are in trend these days… Before trying, know whether it is safe or not.

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Photo Facial: Every woman wants to look beautiful. This is the reason why women use many types of beauty products. Apart from this, bleach and facials etc. are also done to get glow on the face. You or someone in your house must have got facials done at one time or the other. But have you ever got photo facial done or know about it? Actually these days this photo facial has become very trendy. Its special thing is that it is not done with hands but with the help of machine. Let us know whether it is right to get this photo facial done…

What is photo facial?

Photo facial is totally different from normal facial. This is a type of skin care treatment which is completely non-surgical. You can get it done not in any beauty parlor but by exporting it to beauty clinic. In this, treatment of the inner cells of the skin is given through artificial light. Let us tell you that during the photo facial, some special rays of light are penetrated into the skin for half an hour, these rays go deep into the skin and heal the cells.

Due to their effect, the production of collagen in the inner cells of the skin increases. It also reduces the file line showing the effect of age. Its best thing is that it remains effective for 4 to 6 weeks. Compared to parlor facials, this photo facial shows a quicker effect on the skin. There are many sittings of photo facials. It may cost you from ₹ 2000 to ₹ 5000 to take a sitting.

Are there any disadvantages of photo facial?

By the way, it does not cause any serious harm as long as you take this treatment at some gap. But if you do photo facials again and again, it can break the vessels and sometimes the pores become bigger. This causes redness. On the other hand, if quality things are not used in it, then it can cause problems to the skin. That’s why it is important that on the advice of a dermatologist, get photo facials done after understanding your skin type.

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