Parents must take care of these things before the birth of the second child, only then a perfect family will be created.

Be it the first or second child… the joy of becoming parents is different. But today through this article we will draw your attention to some things which are very important. Whenever parents plan to have a second child, they should take special care of certain things. So that it can become a perfect family in future. Because a little carelessness can take your child away from you.

Keep an age gap between the two children

While planning for a second child, keep in mind that your elder child should become intelligent enough so that he can do his work. There must be a certain age gap between the two. It is not right to give birth to a second child immediately after the first child.

First child fulfills his own needs

Here by need we mean that the first child should be able to use toilet and brush on his own. The child eats food on his own. He can easily fulfill his minor needs. You can have a second child only when you get answers to these questions. There should always be an age gap of 3-4 years between the first and second child.

use sippy cup

As soon as the child completes one year, he should switch from bottle to sippy cup. You may not know about these things in the first pregnancy but in the second you should be alert about these things. So that the child develops good habits immediately,

Do not leave the child alone in bed

You did not leave your first child alone on the bed, but make the second child a habit of sleeping on the bed.

Don’t buy too many clothes or toys

In the first child you do not have any clothes or toys. In such a situation, you start buying clothes much earlier but you do not need to make this mistake for the second child. Rather, you can use the clothes and toys of your first child for the second child.

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