Now control blood sugar level without medicine! just a little work to do in the afternoon

diabetes : Diabetes is one of the most dangerous disease today. It is also the fastest growing disease in the world, which is also known as silent disease. This underground reaches inside the body and makes sick. Diabetes patients have to take special care of food. Blood sugar keeps on getting high and low. In such a situation, scientists have told a wonderful way to avoid this. It is claimed that if diabetic patients try this method, then their blood sugar level will remain under control without any medicine.

Do this work in the afternoon, blood sugar will be controlled

A study report published in the American Diabetes Association claims that if diabetes patients do workout or exercise in the afternoon, then their sugar level remains quite under control as compared to other people. The research of Diabetes Center has also claimed that the study done on 2,400 people in 4 years confirms this.

Exercise will control blood sugar level

According to this study, exercise is very important for diabetes patients. But even more important is the exercise time. This is an effective way to control the sugar level. Jumping rope, swimming, cycling, running, jogging and walking can be done in the afternoon itself. According to another report by the American Diabetes Association, exercise not only strengthens the immunity system, improves lung function, cardiac function and also increases the production of insulin.

take care while exercising

According to this study, instead of doing exercise in a group, always do it alone. It has tremendous benefits. Workouts should be done in a week, not of one kind, but by mixing. Diabetes is controlled quickly by this. The elderly should only do yoga, walk and balance exercises. Due to this, they do not have any kind of problem and their health is better.

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