New York surgeons achieved great success, performed the world’s first eye transplant

<पी शैली="पाठ-संरेखण: औचित्य सिद्ध करें;">The surgeons of New York have achieved a great achievement. Recently the surgeon there has transplanted an entire eye. Last Thursday, the surgical team of ‘NYU Langone Health’ announced that they have recently transplanted the entire eye of a human being. According to media reports, a person named Aaron James Arkansas who is 46 years old. His face was completely disfigured in a serious accident. After which, 6 months after the surgery of half his face, his entire eye was transplanted. Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, who led the team, said, we have transplanted one eye. This is a big step, which has been thought about for centuries. But it was never completed.

This 46 year old man underwent transplant

Till now, doctors had been able to transplant only the cornea, the clear front layer of the eye. The eye recipient, Aaron James, is a 46-year-old Army veteran from Arkansas who suffered a serious accident in a work-related high-voltage electrical accident. Due to which the left part of his face, his nose, his mouth and his left eye were completely damaged. According to the surgical team at NYU Langone Health, in the six months since the surgery performed during the partial face transplant, the grafted eye has shown significant health signs, including well-functioning blood vessels and a promising-looking retina. Have shown symptoms.

Transplant surgery lasted 21 hours

Dr. Rodriguez, who is leading the team of doctors doing the transplant, told in a Zoom interview that earlier we were thinking of transplanting the high ball on the face during the surgery. If the light comes then it is a miracle in itself. Our aim was to conduct technical operations. Our first goal was to keep the person alive.

I don’t think anyone can claim to see. But equally, they cannot claim that he will not see. Rodriguez said at this point, I think we are very happy with the results that we were able to achieve with a very technically demanding operation.

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