Mystery Places: These two places become creepy as soon as the night falls! Still people come to visit

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Mysterious Location: There are many such places all over the world, knowing the secret of which you will also be surprised. Every country in the world is full of one or the other mystery. There are some such places in the world, whose mysterious and creepy scene you will not believe even after listening to them. After knowing them, you may also get thinking once.

There are many such places, including Nazca Lines of Peru, Lock Ness in Scotland and Death Valley of East California, which still remain a mystery not only to humans but also to scientists. There are two such places in our neighboring country Nepal too, after listening to whose story you will also be surprised. The names of these two places are Arya Ghat and Devi Ghat. Let us know why these two places are so mysterious.

Arya Ghat, Pashupatinath Temple

Whenever there is talk of mysterious places in Nepal, the name of Pashupatinath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is definitely taken. The Arya Ghat here is considered a place of pilgrimage for both Nepal and India. However, this place is considered creepy. It should be noted that the cremation of dozens of people takes place here daily. Local people say that the screams of people are heard here during midnight. There is silence here after the sun sets.

Devi Ghat, Chitwan

The name of another mysterious place is Devi Ghat. This place is also no less than a pilgrimage site. Every year lakhs of people from countries and abroad come here to visit. It is believed that in the year 2009 a skull of a person was found here. Just after this incident, Devi Ghat was included in the list of haunted places. Some people believe that women start dancing here on their own at midnight.

However, let us tell you that even after hearing these horrifying stories, people still visit these two places. Both these places have got the status of holy pilgrimage sites.

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