Monsson Makeup Tips: How To Take Care Of Your Makeup In The Rain! these tricks will work

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Rain Proof Makeup Tips: Special make-up is needed in the monsoon season, otherwise the humidity can spoil your look quickly. Lips and kajal can spoil your looks due to not doing makeup properly during the monsoon season. That’s why there is a need to take special care of makeup in the rainy season.

However, through this article, we are going to give you some monsoon special makeup tips, which will not spoil your look due to makeover in rainy season.

Cream base products

If you are using cream based products, then keep in mind that use them sparingly during the rainy season. Due to high humidity, use such products only after blending them well. Try mixing cream base makeup products with powder items. This will make the makeup last longer.

use setting powder

Use setting powder to make makeup last longer in the monsoon season. Set your makeup with a good setting powder. This will make the makeup last longer. Use a large brush to apply setting powder.

Choose bold lip colors

Women are often seen experimenting with lipstick color. Bold lip color can be the perfect option in the monsoon season. With this, your makeup look will also emerge. Nowadays many water proof lipsticks have come in the market. Such lip shades can be used during the rainy season.

Take care of hygiene too

Avoid heavy make-up during the monsoon season. Along with this, take special care of your skin as well. Keep washing your hands always. Clean the face also with cleanser. Due to humidity, there can be excessive sweating, due to which the problem of skin infection can also occur. Also, do not use too much foundation on the face.

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