Massage is beneficial for the body especially in winter, know the rules for doing it.

There are many benefits of massage. According to Ayurveda, massaging the body has many benefits. Be it an adult or a child, massage has special importance. Body pain also starts in winter due to which physical health is very important. Massage is very important to detox the body and strengthen the muscles. Massage reduces both muscle spasm and pain. At the same time, anxiety, stress and depression also start reducing. Massaging also removes body fatigue. And sleep is also good. Along with controlling BP, it is also good for sleep.

There are many benefits of massage. Today we will tell you that do not make these mistakes at all during massage.

Massage with oil before bathing

If you do massage before bathing in winter, then heat is generated in the body. By doing this you will not feel cold. This also removes toxins from the body and also removes dirt.

Use ghee after bathing

After bathing, massage the body with ghee. Take one spoon of ghee and apply it on different parts of the body. This will make your skin glow. Besides, the body will smell good and the glow of the face will increase. If you apply oil after bathing, there will be a sticky feeling.

If you massage at night then follow this method

In winter, after massaging at night, you can comfortably take a bath with warm water. If you massage your body with ghee at night, the ghee will settle on the skin. Due to which the chances of falling ill increase.

After massage, take bath with normal water

Massage half an hour before bathing and only then take bath. Use plain water for bathing. Not of cold water. If you bathe with normal water, the body will benefit in many ways.

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