Kidney patients also get relief from these exercises, this information came out in the research

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According to a research, if patients with kidney dialysis do light exercise daily, then they are physically very fit. The comparison of people who do not exercise their fitness is also very good. And they do not have to go to the hospital again and again. A team of researchers at Germany’s ‘Technical University of Munich (TUM)’ believed that if dialysis patients do light exercise daily, their fitness will be amazing. People with severe kidney failure have to go to the hospital for dialysis several times per week. Many kidney patients also suffer from additional health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Why is it necessary for kidney patients to do light exercise

‘The limitations imposed by these diseases and the time required for dialysis often mean that affected people do little physical exercise,’ said Martin Halle, Professor of Preventive and Rehabilitative Sports Medicine at TUM. The team involved nearly 1,000 patients from 21 dialysis centers in Germany in the study. In this entire research of 12 months, such patients were included who exercise at least three times every week along with dialysis. While such patients were also included who were under medical supervision only.

This special training was given to these serious kidney patients

These sessions included 30 minutes of endurance training with a bed-cycle ergometer and 30 minutes of training with weights, resistance bands and balls. These training sessions were made according to the patients. This training went on for one year and the results were quite satisfactory.
In a paper published in the journal NEJM Evidence, Halle said that such training certainly does not reflect everyday life in particular. However, the results show tangible improvements in quality of life and autonomy. For example, participants were able to stand up from a chair at home without assistance. Which they could not do earlier.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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