Just two injections in a year… then the tension of cholesterol, heart attack and stroke is over.

In the past few years, the number of people dying from heart attack, stroke and bad cholesterol has continuously increased. Many times it has been linked to Corona and sometimes to bad eating habits and lifestyle. Now a news related to this is coming which will make Indians happy. An injection to control bad cholesterol is going to be launched in the Indian market soon i.e. within a few weeks. The name of this injection is ‘Inclisiran’. It is being used in foreign countries since last 2 years but now India is going to debut in this field. It is being said about this ejection that it will reduce bad cholesterol by 50 percent. Due to which the risk of heart attack and stroke will be reduced.

Its medical trial has been done in India

For your information, let us tell you that the cholesterol reducing injection Inclisiran has been approved in London and America 2 years ago. Now India is going to debut in this field. In the coming few weeks, high cholesterol reducing injection Inclisiran will also be available in India. Two doses of this injection cost Rs 5 lakh in America. Whereas in India its price will be 1.25 lakh to 1.5 lakh.

This injection has been tested in KEM Hospital, West. In which it was clearly revealed that it helps in controlling high cholesterol by 50 percent. This injection also controls heart attack to some extent. It works to remove bad cholesterol. Till now it has been trialled in different countries of the world. In which it has been found that it helps in reducing heart attacks.

The cholesterol-lowering drug has been approved for use on the NHS and will be made available to hundreds of thousands of patients in England. The drug will be given to people with high cholesterol levels who have previously had a heart attack or stroke to prevent another one. It is estimated that inclisiran can prevent heart attacks and strokes by up to 55 percent. Also, it has saved the lives of 30,000 people in England within the next 10 years.

use of inclisiran drugs

Inclisiran is the first of an entirely new class of drugs that use RNA interference (known as gene silencing drugs) to block the production of specific molecules. It works by increasing the liver’s ability to remove harmful cholesterol from the blood.

Approval of inclisiran is good news for heart patients

The approval of Inclisiran is good news for heart patients. Injection twice a year to lower LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol in patients with existing heart disease whose cholesterol is not adequately controlled by statins or other drugs, keeping people from having further heart attacks or strokes. Will help prevent. People’s lives can be saved by this.

Inclisiran is a very comfortable injection as it needs to be given only twice a year by a simple injection under the skin. More research is needed to confirm the full extent of its benefits, but I hope that in the future it will also be approved for lowering cholesterol for a larger group of people to protect them from having a heart attack or stroke. Can go.

Nurses in GP surgeries across England will be able to give Inclisiran as an injection, meaning patients can avoid regular hospital visits. After the initial dose, the medicine will be given again after three months and then twice a year.

The treatment is being rolled out in the NHS after clinical trials showed that inclisiran reduces levels of a type of fatty substance called LDL cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fat-rich substance found in the blood that is naturally produced in the liver. There are different types of cholesterol – some are essential for the body to function properly and some are harmful to our health. Having high levels of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol increases the risk of heart and circulatory diseases such as heart attack, stroke.

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