Is your child also spending too much time on the screen, be careful, otherwise

Digital Dementia: Today is a time when everyone is spending most of their time on screens. After the arrival of smartphones, screen timing has increased significantly. People are spending hours on laptop, TV and phone screens. The habit of looking at phones is developing very fast among children, the effect of which is visible on their health also. Because of this, children are suffering from digital dementia. Know how dangerous this disease is…

How dangerous is digital dementia?

According to the doctor, excessive use of computer, laptop, smartphone and internet reduces the ability of the brain to function, this is called digital dementia. This means that if you spend too much time on the screen, many images, videos, apps attack your brain simultaneously. Due to which it is not possible for the mind to remember everything. The mind always remains confused.

What are the symptoms of digital dementia?


unable to focus on anything

not being able to remember anything

inability to concentrate

decrease in performance

How to protect children from digital dementia

1. Reduce children’s screen time. Don’t let them stay on the screen for more than two hours. Encourage them to play.

2. Instead of relying on digital things, ask to use your brain. Instead of writing on mobile, laptop, computer, ask them to write on pen-copy.

3. Encourage to learn new things. You can make them join some new language, dance, music and karate classes.

4. When children spend too much time on screen, they face problems like obesity. In such a situation, increase their physical activity. Send them to play outdoor games.

5. Children learn a lot from their parents. In such a situation, develop the habit of giving them books. This will sharpen their mind.

6. Feed children puzzle games, number games are good for their brain. This develops their brain and their ability to remember also increases.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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