Is food spoiling quickly in monsoon? Know the easiest solution to this problem

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health tips : Headache has become a common problem nowadays. This problem increases even more during the change in weather. With the arrival of the rainy season, there is relief from the sun, but the humidity and humidity of the air are increasing the problem. Because of this many problems are happening. Headache is also one of these. Uneasiness increases due to headache. To avoid this pain, you can try grandmother’s remedies (Headache Home Remedies). Let’s know…

cause of headache

When the moisture in the air increases during the rainy season, the humidity becomes high. Because of this, many people start having problems of restlessness and headache. Actually, during this season, the body sweats profusely and due to dehydration, headache starts. That’s why one should keep drinking water from time to time. When the heat is intense, then women tie their hair tightly. This can also be a reason for headache. However, if the headache is severe and no prescription is working, then a doctor should be consulted immediately without delay.

what to do to get rid of headache

Recipe number- 1

1. Whenever you have a severe headache, immediately take a bath with cold water and change your clothes. It helps in keeping you fresh.

2. After this, heat the hair oil of your choice a little and massage it with light hands or get it done by someone.

3. Whenever women apply oil to their hair, do not tie them tightly.

4. Take rest as much as possible after having a headache. Keep distance from the phone.

Recipe number- 2

1. Make a drink by mixing basil-honey whenever you have a headache.

2. Wash basil leaves and mix it and honey in hot water.

3. After keeping it in water for some time, when it becomes lukewarm, take a sip and drink it.

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