Is daily walking making no difference to your weight? Know where the mistake is happening

Walking for weight loss: Walking is considered to have tremendous benefits for health. This not only provides many benefits to the body, the risk of many diseases also reduces. Walking is beneficial for overall health. According to CDC, people who walk 8 to 10 thousand steps every day keep their weight under control. It can also help in controlling serious problems like cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Walking is also beneficial for heart health. This strengthens muscles and joints, reduces stress and anxiety and the body remains active all the time. In such a situation, let us know when to walk to lose weight…

When should you walk to lose weight?

According to a study published in Obesity Journal, there can be no simpler and easier exercise for weight loss than walking. If weight has increased and you want to reduce it by burning calories, then the time from 7 to 9 in the morning is considered the best. If you are not able to walk in the morning, you can lose weight by walking in the evening and night also.

Why there is no weight loss even after walking daily

If you want to control weight, you should reduce calorie intake. If there is no difference in weight even after taking 8-10 thousand steps or walking for 1 hour every day, then it means that there are too many calories in your body. In such a situation, just exercising or walking will not help, for this you will have to control these things.

What to do besides walking to lose weight

1. Consume less than 200 to 300 calories every day.

2. Include nutrient-rich food products in your diet.

3. Include proteins, carbohydrates and micronutrients in your diet.

4. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night.

5. Stay away from sugar, sweet things, chips, cold drinks, junk food.

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