Infections in TB patients can be reduced by 40 percent through good diet: Lancet

There is a serious infection in the lungs of a TB patient. In such a situation, it has been revealed in the report of Lascent that if good food is followed, then the infection of TB patient can be reduced by 40-50 percent. It has also been said in the report that in TB disease, the patient’s weight decreases very quickly. In this case, the risk of death increases up to 60 percent. In this report, a research was talked about in which it was said that when an 18 year old tribal of Jharkhand who was a TB patient. TB was in such a dangerous form that his body had become completely useless. His weight was only 26 kg.

According to a research done in Jharkhand

18 year old tribal youth lying on the bed like a corpse with no hope of survival. The family could barely get even one meal a day. Due to which his condition had worsened even more. But when the patient was given nutritious food packets, the boy’s body weight increased by 16 kg in six months. For your information, let us tell you that he also became a part of this research, which showed that good diet and nutrition not only helped prevent the incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in vulnerable people living with infected patients. Rather, the death rate in patients could also be controlled. These findings were the result of two new studies by ICMR and have been published in ‘The Lancet’ and ‘The Lancet Global Health Journals’. This study conducted in Jharkhand is a proof in itself that good nutrition can save the life of a TB patient. Also, it can be prevented from spreading.

TB patient will have to improve nutrition

New evidence from the Reducing Reactivity of TB by Improving Nutritional Status (RATIONS) trial suggests that improved nutrition can reduce the incidence of all forms of TB by 40 percent and prevent infectious TB by 40 percent among contacts of patients with infectious pulmonary TB. can be reduced by up to 50 percent. Significantly, it was also found that rapid weight gain in underweight TB patients can reduce their risk of death by up to 60 percent. Rapid weight gain in the first two months reduces the risk of death from TB by 60 percent.

According to the research, 10,345 household contacts of 2,800 TB patients were provided regular food parcels and additional micronutrients -750 kcal. Was randomized to receive 23 grams of protein. A total of 5,621 people were given nutritious food for one year. While 4,724 people received food parcels without any additional nutrition. At the end of the trial, the incidence of TB decreased by 39 percent in the intervention group compared to the control group. The second study followed 2,800 TB patients for six months and found that weight gain during supplemental nutrition treatment increased the risk of death. Decreased risk of death, especially within the first two months when deaths occur. The immediate risk of death decreased by 13 percent for every 1 percent weight gain, and by 61 percent for every 5 percent weight gain.

These findings come at a time when the government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi Has promised to end TB by 2025. Significantly, these can have an impact at the policy implementation level. Under the National TB Programme, patients who are diagnosed with tuberculosis are given monthly nutritional support of Rs 500 through Direct Benefit Transfer for the duration of their treatment. Since its launch in 2018, $244 million has been provided under this non-decaying nutrition plan. In addition, the government also launched the Ni-Kshaya Mitra program last year, allowing volunteers to provide monthly nutrition kits to their adopted patients.

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