If your hair is turning gray before age, then there may be a deficiency of this vitamin, fulfill it in this way

Problem of graying of hair: Who doesn’t want long, thick, black hair, but nowadays not only the older people but also children and young people have their hair turning prematurely grey. Generally, hair starts turning gray after 40 years, but due to deficiency of some vitamins, minerals and nutrients, sometimes hair starts turning gray even at a young age. In such a situation, let us tell you today, the biggest reason behind graying of hair, which can be due to deficiency of a vitamin.

Deficiency of this vitamin can cause graying of hair

According to experts, deficiency of Vitamin B12 may be the reason behind graying of hair. Yes, when there is not sufficient amount of Vitamin B12 in your body, then the production of melanin starts decreasing and due to the deficiency of melanin, hair starts turning grey. Actually, Vitamin B12 helps in making red blood cells, which deliver oxygen to your hair follicles. When the level of Vitamin B12 starts decreasing, the hair follicles do not get nutrition due to which the hair gets damaged and due to damage. Later they start turning white.

Complete the deficiency of Vitamin B12 in this way

If there is deficiency of Vitamin B12 in your body, then first of all you should include such food items in your diet, in which Vitamin B12 is found in abundance. This includes meat, fish, milk and dairy products. Not only this, it is also important to stay away from some food items and intoxicants. If there is vitamin b12 deficiency, then you should not smoke, because it reduces the absorption of vitamin b12 in the body. Not only this, you should not eat too much fried food, you should do meditation to manage stress, this helps in absorbing Vitamin B12 in the body.

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