If you have a sore throat, be careful! 5 dangerous diseases can catch you

sore throat : Sore throat or sore throat is a common disease. This can happen to anyone at any time. Often, sore throat occurs due to infections like common cold or flu. However, there can be serious reasons behind this also. Therefore, ignoring it at any time can be dangerous. In case of sore throat, one should immediately consult a doctor. Let us know what could be the reason for sore throat…

What are the symptoms of sore throat?

According to the CDC, sore throat can cause stinging pain, difficulty swallowing, runny nose, fever, cough and conjunctivitis. These symptoms also indicate many dangerous diseases.

5 serious causes of sore throat

1. Bacterial infection

Many times the problem of sore throat does not go away on its own. In such a situation, it can also be streptococcal i.e. strep throat bacterial infection. If this is ignored, there is a risk of rheumatic fever, kidney inflammation and pus-filled abscess. In such a situation, you can find out by getting a test done from the doctor and its treatment can start immediately.

2. Cancer

If the problem of sore throat persists then it can also be a symptom of cancer. It can start from the larynx, pharynx or tonsils. In such a situation, instead of ignoring it, one should immediately go to the doctor and get tested.

3. Severe allergy

Sometimes allergy can also cause problem of sore throat and burning sensation. This can also happen due to dust, soil or food allergy. In this situation the condition may worsen. In such a situation, seek help from a doctor.

4. Covid-19

Throat gets sore even in a dangerous disease like Covid-19. Therefore, sore throat should not be ignored. With the help of a doctor, it can be identified and treatment can be started immediately.

5. Coming out of a long illness

The chronic problem of acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause sore throat due to acid in the stomach. In autoimmune diseases, this can also cause frequent pain. To get rid of sore throat, there is a need to bring changes in lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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