If there is burning and itching in the eyes due to pollution, then know how to get rid of it?

Effect of air pollution on eyes: In the month of October, the air quality starts deteriorating rapidly due to which the level of pollution increases. Increasing pollution causes problems like respiratory problems and eye irritation. Most of the people start having problems like itching, burning and redness in the eyes during this season. If you are also suffering from similar eye problems due to pollution, then you can get relief from it by keeping some things in mind. Let us know what to do to get relief from this..

wash eyes with water
Washing eyes with cold water is an effective way to provide relief from eye irritation and itching caused by pollution. Due to pollution, dust and other particles accumulated in the eyes irritate the eyes. Washing eyes with cold water removes these particles and gives freshness to the eyes. Eyes should be washed thoroughly with cold water 2-3 times a day.

use glasses
Using glasses is a good way to protect the eyes from pollution. Glasses protect the eyes from pollution particles. It would be better to wear glasses while going out, glasses prevent pollution particles from reaching the eyes. With this, eyes can be saved to a great extent.

Keep distance from laptop and phone
Using screen devices like mobile, computer, laptop or TV causes additional strain on the eyes. If pollution is already affecting the eyes, it is better to reduce screen time. Therefore, minimize the use of mobile/laptop during pollution days. Also reduce the time spent watching TV. By giving rest to the eyes, pollution will be reduced.

use ice cubes in eyes
Using ice cubes on the eyes can also provide relief from the problem of burning sensation. Keep an ice cube in a cotton cloth, now apply it to your eyes. By doing this eye problems can be cured.

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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